Dina & Cameron

My Wedding
Cameron and I are high school sweethearts so after he proposed we jumped into the craziness of not only planning our wedding but building the entire venue! We were lucky enough to have our wedding in one of the most sentimental and beautiful places in the world … HOME. Looking back our day was more than I had ever imagined, it was filled with love, so much happiness and we wouldn’t change a thing! It was nothing short of magical!’

JUNE 2014
The final decision was to have our wedding at home on our farm and what a wonderful “wish come true”! We needed a place for our 200 guests, so the only option we had was to empty our large tractor warehouse and start planning. Our main aim was to use our recyclable material we found lying around and to build a rustic venue suited to the farm environment, so this is how it all started and progressed …

The Barn …
We emptied the barn and extended the front of the building to create the entrance reception verandah area, which is reached by walking over our home-made wooden bridge. Sections of the side wall was knocked out to form our huge open windows, which allows one to look past the large cement pots and out onto the farm horse paddock. We then cement bag-washed the walls and painted the floors.

The finishing touches …
A six metre long steel and wooden pallet bar with an attached craft beer counter holding 4 beer kegs and a DJ table on opposite sides was constructed. Keeping to our theme, steel and wooden pallet barn sliding doors with steel re-inforcement handles at each window opening and a large barn entrance door were made. Tall floor to ceiling wooden partitions allowed for our semi-separate buffet dinner area, however still incorporating it as part of the actual venue hall. The cement floors were painted and a neutral coloured large dance floor was professionally painted in the centre. Pallet furniture, tables and ottomans were made from recyclable material and used for the verandah entrance as well as “Al Fiume”, the area down at the river where guests were offered canapes, played various games and our family photos were taken. Recycled branches were hung off natural rope from the ceiling, symbolising the (engagement) tree on our farm, i.e. where Cameron proposed to me.

APRIL 2015
All the planning, organising and long hours of hard manual work was complete and we were not only ready, but pleased with the transformation!

2 MAY 2015
At long last … our rustic, yet elegant farm wedding venue was ready and our special wedding day had arrived!

– Dina Fontana

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